Jill Greenaways Cleaning Services
Tailored to your requirements


School get A+ from Jill Greenaways Cleaning Service

With our cleaning and maintenanance service we can guarantee specific routine cleaning, improve the look of any facility and provide your students with an inviting learning environment.

We can clean on a very specific routine schedule and also handle those non-routine evening events.


               Your prescription for a cleaning services

Many medical facilities have selected Jill Greenaways Cleaning Services as their commercial cleaning provider because Jill Greenaways Cleaning Services employees are specially trained and equipped to handle their special needs. 

At Jill Greenaways Cleaning Services, our employees are trained on how to specifically give your facility the most thorough cleaning your building has ever had, every time they clean.

     We Can't cleanse your soul, but we can clean your building

We understand the special scheduling demands of churches and are willing and flexible to meet your time requirements. Further more we are happy to offer additional cleaning in instances of special events such as weddings and funerals.

We sanitize restrooms and nursery rooms, reducing the spread of germs, allowing the church to provide a more comfortable environment for your congregation and visitors.Our products and methods have been carefully developed and tested to work well in churches.